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Why Codecademy is a great starting point

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Codecademy offers a really wide range of language tutorials. If you have never coded with a particular language then doing the tutorial is a great way to get started. All the tutorials allow you to practise in browser following simple exercises. Each one builds on the previous adding more knowledge bit by bit.

You can sign up for an account letting you pick up from where you left off and it’s free. Each course is broken down into exercises with goals to learn through each one. Your account gives a visual representation of how far you are through a course which is great.

I found it really good when I first started. I hate tutorials that just dive in without explaining the obvious because sometimes you want the obvious explained. It was good to start right at the beginning with something and have every part broken down and explained.

The in browser learning is really why I would rate it more than say watching video tutorials. I always find I learn better when I’m actually writing the code. You think about each bit more and get used to writing it rather than just understanding it when your watching a video.

As well as language courses there are more practical courses for developers like using the command line, Git and API’s. There are a lot more that I haven’t tried but the ones I have I found really good. If you have never used it then I would definitely recommend it.