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WebOS v’s Android

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WebOS wins. Point blank.

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Ok i’ll go into a little more detail. With WebOS the interface is what it should be….. user friendly! Every application is opened in its own little window. When you want to close an application you get rid of that window (flick it off the screen).

With Android each application opens and then you close it, but wait oh its not closed and others are mysteriously running. WTF. So you download Advanced Task Killer app, very hand, and this shows that a whole bunch of app’s are running when you can’t see them in a window or didn’t open them. Annoying.

I’ll admit my Galaxy S2 is much faster than my Palm Pre ever was, the battery kicks its ass (once i figured out how to stop all the social apps syncing all the time and downloaded Advanced Task Killer), the camera is amazing and the app store is huge. But my Palm linked everything. My Facebook to my calendar and contacts, Flixster to my calendar, my emails to my calendar so that I knew exactly what I was doing that day. It was really simple to connect things and control syncing. The way an interface should be.

If someone actually put WebOS on a fast phone with a decent camera, and then convinced a UK service provider to sell it i’d buy it every time.