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So I got my first touch screen phone about 4 years ago and it was sluggish to say the least but it was the way things were going and I wanted one. I loved it, even though the reaction time was slow, but if you were patient with it, you got there in the end. That was 2008 and I loved it so much, I did my dissertation based on a future touchscreen program for phones. Little did I know (mainly because my research was bad) that touch screen phones, and particularly the programs for them (apps), were about to be huge.

Skip forward 4 years and touchscreens and ‘apps’ are now part of every day life. Phones, MP3 players, fridges, computers, cars all have touch screens in some form. So are we getting into the age where Minority Report style might acually be how we interact with computers! Maybe in another few years but HP have just patented transparent touch screens, yes how cool is that, so the technology is definitly going in the right direction.

Right now im just excited about how my finger can manipulate a screen so easily. Having just bought a tablet instead of a new laptop to do some of my work on, i’ve found I have no restrictions on what I can’t do by touch screen.

Technology is moving at an epic phase and I cant wait to see how touch screens are used in another 4 years.