With movies these days there are a few popular marketing strategies that marketing teams can go for. There are the public transport banners, the newspaper spreads, billboards, TV adds and the big one, Orange Wednesday’s add. Well the latest Blue Sky Studio’s movie Rio has done them all, including getting the hugely popular Rovio games […]

I regularly go to the cinema and watched this years Baftas with my own favourite in mind. Most of the films and actors who won a Bafta a agreed with, but there were some exceptions. The Kings Speach is brilliant and Colin Firth and Helena Bonham Carter both deserve their awards. If i could I […]

I have to admit when the Harry Potter books first came out i didn’t rush to read them, mainly because for me to read one book a year is an achievement! I would rather sleep when i go to bed or sleep when i sunbathe or sleep when I’m on the bus….. bit of a […]