Codecademy offers a really wide range of language tutorials. If you have never coded with a particular language then doing the tutorial is a great way to get started. All the tutorials allow you to practise in browser following simple exercises. Each one builds on the previous adding more knowledge bit by bit. You can sign […]

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When we first started using Sass in projects at work, the only thing I though was my god it’s a faff to set it all up. You need to install a whole bunch of software, have a command line program open all the time, write a gulp file. It took about 2 hours to get […]


We have this discussion a lot at work. Min width or max width, or a bit of both. Its a 50/50 split and really its just up to the developer and what they prefer. Personally I like min-width. I prefer to code a site for mobile and add min-width media queries at breakpoints for devices, […]

So in October of last year I started a new job working for a design agency in Glasgow. It is quite different from any other job I have been in before. I am one of 5 developers while there is 2 designers, so this is the biggest company I have worked for. My job is […]


A few months ago I wrote about how annoyed I got when I broke a WordPress drop down menu and my lack of JavaScript and PHP knowledge let me down. Well I’ve finally started a course which should help me understand JavaScript a lot better and maybe even help me make some of my own […]