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Should Newbies Learn Static Or Dynamic Website Design?

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So i have known HTML for about 5 years now but it was only about 3 years ago that i put together my first decent looking static website, and was only about 10 months ago that i finished my first Joomla! site. It took a good length of time and practise for me to be able to code a site without having to google how to do something or figure out how to fix errors in good old IE, usually the doubling margin that’d buggered everything. Then i wanted a blog. So i installed WordPress in a sub-folder on my site and the long hours of changing it to look like my site began. I didn’t really find it that difficult to customise the look of  the theme i had chosen because i knew a fair bit of CSS and a little bit of PHP, so i figured most things out, the hardest bit was breaking up my Photoshop image into images for the theme.

So i have a question –

Should newbie designers be learning how to make basic static websites or just concentrating on how to make dynamic sites?

Some of my friends want me to make them a website, but should i make them a static one which they can then learn to change themselves or should i just focus on learning more PHP and Content Management Systems? Is it worth while learning HTML and CSS from the start and coding basic static sites? As i look about the web i see less and less static sites and more dynamic sites which can be maintained by anyone who’s had a bit of training. You can make sites in Joomla!, Drupal, WordPress, Expression Engine, all of which can be taught to someone with no coding experience.

Let me know what you think the best way forward is for new designers.

2 thoughts on “Should Newbies Learn Static Or Dynamic Website Design?

  1. Depends on the size of the website and whether your friends will be updating it much.

    Normally when a family member of close relation wants a website I just use my own little custom php framework that I’ve created over the last two years. If they want any edits then it’s quick enough for myself to change it myself and if the want a blog then I’ll just link it up to tumblr or posterous.

    1. Thats a really good idea having your own little php framework because i find some cms too big and complicated for someone who just wants to do quick edits. I’ll look into tumblr and posterous thanks.

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