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Setting up my own server

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So one thing I get asked to do at work is interact with our servers using a command line. Now, even though I’ve been building website for years, I have never interacted with a server using a command line before. I’ve only ever used control panel’s. At work, we don’t seem to install them, and it’s not really something anyone at work has time to teach me. So I needed somewhere to practice basically.

What I wanted to learn.

The main aim really was what does it take to set up a server and get a website running on it. Breaking that down was how to buy a dedicated server, install the software needed to run the sites I wanted on it, creating folders to store the sites and finally how to get domain names pointing to that server.

One of my work mates pointed me in the direction of Linode. It has great doc’s for beginners, giving them a step by step guide on how to get started and explains everything in detail about buying a server and getting it running. It was a great introduction to the command line and I was able to work at my own pace. I copied all my site files across and set up MySql databases through the command line for them. I could understand every part of the process and have complete control over everything.

Once I have everything set up on my server, I could now look at moving my domain names to a domain registrar rather than the all in one registrar and hosting company I had them at. I went with Gandi, which again is a really good company at making it super easy for new customers to get started. I was able to transfer my domain names and update the DNS to my new server’s IP.

In a couple of months I had gained a huge amount of knowledge and understanding about using the command line for a server and how everything connects to form the big picture. My next step now is understanding how to add Git version control into the process.