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Why can’t search engines figure out my site without SEO help?

Like most things search engines operate in a certain way using specific technologies. They crawl the web looking for new sites, what they are about and who they link to. By doing SEO you help search engines understand what your site is about and which keywords it should be displayed under. If SEO is done well it will get you thousands of visitors and attention, if not your site can be buried deep in search results and never get seen. Google and other search engines work like spiders in the way they will follow your site’s navigation and link all of your pages together. All of your pages should have unique title and description tags relating to their content, keyword tags are not as important to SEO as they used to be.

What is a Title tag?

A title tag is basically a name for the page. Each page should have its own unique title relating to the content on that page.

What are description meta tags?

A description meta tag is a sentence about the page. The description is what will appear on searches so ideally it should have your chosen keywords within it.

What are keyword meta tags?

Keyword meta tags are a list of keywords specific to your site. keyword meta tag is not as important as it used to be for search engines as they mainly look at your site content and links but it is important for paid adds.

How important are links on a site?

One simple but very affective thing to do to your site is have links. By having genuine original content on your site you have a good chance at generating quality links. In the ‘eyes’ of Google a link on your site counts as a vote for your site, as long as those ‘votes’ are from relevant and trusted sites. The more trusted sites which link to your site the better but having one link could be all you need. Try to get your links placed within text, preferably under keywords. For example it’s better to be linked under web design than click here or

How important is site content?

The text and picture content of your site is very important in getting found on search engines under the keywords you want. The text on your site must be unique and relevant to the subject. The more you can mention your keywords and related words throughout your site the stronger it will appear on that subject and the higher search engines will rank you. If you don’t want lots of text on your home page then we can hide it and only website visitors who click the ‘view more’ button will see the text but search engines will see it all, so hidden text will not decrease your sites aesthetics or ranking.

What can you the client do to get your site on top of the searches?

One thing you as the client can do is flaunt your site! If you use a specific brand of product or machine get in touch with the company and see if they will put a link on their website to you in return for you linking to them. Overall getting your site on top of Google is all about the content and the external and internal link on your site, so by providing us with information on your business, products, recent work etc will only help your SEO.

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