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Rio movie marketing

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Rio Movie PosterWith movies these days there are a few popular marketing strategies that marketing teams can go for. There are the public transport banners, the newspaper spreads, billboards, TV adds and the big one, Orange Wednesday’s add. Well the latest Blue Sky Studio’s movie Rio has done them all, including getting the hugely popular Rovio games company to make a Rio version of their hit mobile game Angry Birds. Now thats gotta cost some.

They also got the back spread of MSN and a deal with UK cinema giants Cineworld for free kids 3D glasses. Anyone who has been to the cinema in the past couple of months will have seen the Orange Wednesday’s add with the two main stars of the movie. If you haven’t see any advertising for this movie I would be very surprised. The marketing team have done a very good job but can you imagine what their budget was!

Now with all the marketing is the movie going to live up to its hype….