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So my phone contact ran out in October and I’d been looking for a new phone but not really sure what to get.palm I use my phone for everything really (yes if you mug me you will get everything lol) so was looking for a phone with lots too it basically. I’d been looking on dial a phone and other sites to see what was good and what were the expected great phones and had see the new Sony Ericsson Satio. Now i don’t know why but I’ve never really been a fan of the iPhone so when i saw this and saw the apps and camera it had i was sure it was going to be my next phone. Anyway i waited for it to be released on O2 and waited a bit more then finally they got it but it was £70 a month! At this point i was more pissed than gutted. So search was back on, then i saw an add for the Palm Pre on O2 so decided to have a look. I have to admit the first time i played about with this phone in O2 i thought it was so confusing and i was sure i broke it, but after reading reviews online i started to think maybe i had been mistaken in the shop. So long story short i bought one on a deal which came with the stone charging device for free (very cool by the way).
Its been about 2 weeks since i got my Palm Pre and i am loving it. Its so simple and being able to have multiple apps open and slide between them is so handy and a bit cool. I would recommend one to anyone, i haven’t found anything about it which annoys me.