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Noooo minecraft server is gone!

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Sad minecraft faceYip, all those hours and hour gone….just gone….. Gutted.

So let me explain what I am talking about. One of the guys at work has always played Minecraft and was talking about it one day in the office and myself and the other developer decided to download it and see what it was like. Neadless to say we got addicted rather quickly, so one of the guys decided to get his own server so we could play together.

He set up a main spawn area and we set up our own houses and surrounding areas. Anyone who has ever played Minecraft knows how many hours go into it when you first start playing. There’s getting to grips with the Mobs, finding food and setting up a constant food supply, either cows/pigs or wheat, and then the main aim, mining.

I love playing Minecraft now. Im not much of a gamer and as my boyfriend will tell you, I suck at first person shooter games and my driving is terrible in Mario Kart but with Minecraft im much happier. I can run around with my armour on no problem and you get to build what ever you want.

So we had been playing it for about 6 months and I had my house set up just as I wanted it. Then a server update went wrong and we lost the server we were on. Nooooo! All those hours and blocks gone. We now have a new server and have just started setting up again and hopefully this time it won’t get corrupt.