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New job and lots to learn

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So in October of last year I started a new job working for a design agency in Glasgow. It is quite different from any other job I have been in before. I am one of 5 developers while there is 2 designers, so this is the biggest company I have worked for.

My job is to code designs for websites using the in house cms. The front end html, css is fine for me but the back end PHP is hard for me to get my head around. My previous jobs had required very little PHP knowledge. It was mainly Joomla and WordPress sites I had worked on so this is a big learning curve.

The more I do, the more I learn but some times it’s hard to learn while coding something so custom. There are no docs for the in house cms, which makes using it a little difficult. I have another new developer next to me, who understands PHP at lot more than I do and seems to be able to pick through the internal workings of the cms much more than me. So he has been great at showing me things and answering questions.

I think there are a lot more built in functions that maybe should be written down in a document somewhere for new developers to know about, but I’m sure when I’ve learned a lot more about this cms I’ll know where there is no documentation.

Working with a cms where you have to write a lot of PHP and SQL made me realise just how little I knew. There are PHP functions I never knew existed which is great but also a little scary. My knowledge of JavaScript too needs to improve. We build a lot of custom components for sites, especially crazy sliders and galleries. So I have a lot to learn.

I’m doing tutorials at Codecademy to help me get my head around the basics. Fingers crossed in a few months time I will have a lot more understanding.