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New goals for Front-end development

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Over the past 3 year’s I have been working as a full stack developer in a very busy studio. We never really got time to learn something new by doing tutorials unless it was vital for a project. Me taking 2 hours off to learn about server commands was probably not going to go down well and we usually always had our 7 hours of work laid out from project managers. So learning new things was an evening or weekends job.

Most of my time was focused on back-end learning as that was the part of my job where I lacked most knowledge and got stressed out when I reached that point in a project. I can’t say I enjoy back-end coding, I would really rather make a site beautiful on all devices and let someone else take over the back-end but that might be the fear talking!

So now that I have some free time on my hands, back to the stuff I actually like doing, front-end development and learning the things I’ve neglected over the last few years.

CSS Images

I recently started using CodePen again to get back into front-end coding. I used to sit on my lunch break and flick through the pens people had created and be fascinated about how they did it and I’d think to myself, I’m going to try something like that at the weekend. But when the weekend came I found I wanted to do other things away from a computer screen. So now I’ve signed up to the #dailycssimages challenge which runs 5 days a week. Being able to use more CSS transitions, transforms, border-radius has been something I’ve wanted to do for a while and this simple challenge is great motivation.


Another thing I’ve wanted to learn is how to do animated SVG’s. I’ve done a couple of tutorials the past few weeks and it’s been great fun. Creating a vector then taking it into a code editor and animating it. My goal with this is to keep doing tutorials to fully understand everything you can do with SVG’s, then make some of my own.


As much as I have been using Sass(scss) for years, I never really got into creating functions or using @each, @for, @while and many of the other built-in features of Sass. I was always in so much of a rush with the projects I worked on that planning and evaluation were never really a part of the process. So I want to go back through some of the site’s I have built and see what I could have improved or automated, to really make use of Sass.


I’ve used Gulp on projects for a while but usually always the same setup. So I want to take a look at my folder structure and what gulp processes I have for CSS and HTML to see if there is anything better out there now.


Looking into what Haml is and how it works really comes from seeing it in CodePen as an option for a HTML preprocessor. It’s really handy when doing a CodePen layout as there is usually minimal content, so I wanted to take a look at it outside of CodePen and see how useful it would be.


JavaScript frameworks to be specific. I’ve never needed to use any kind of framework for development, mainly because I was coding everything in a PHP framework, so I really want to learn how to do it in JavaScript. So the main question, which framework? Well, I’m not too sure yet. React is the main one I’m thinking of learning but also what I’ve read about vue.js that seems like a good one to start with, so I’m not sure just now but I want to create a fully working dummy site using a framework.