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New Cooker! Yeh its the little things

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So getting a new cooker usually isn’t that exciting but since i’ve been using a piece of crap that just burns everything for 4 years this was a pretty big day!

We decided it was time to get a new cooker when closing it with at a certain angle while bashing it with your hip was getting a bit of a pain, and it charred everything no matter how low the heat was. We ended up getting a really good deal in the Easter bank holiday sales and they took the old one away.

So our new cooker is all shiney and clean and you can see through the glass window in the door! I decided to give it a test and make some cupcakes which our old cooker would have happily charred and they turned our pretty good!

PS. They are meant to be chocolate swirls. Think i need to work on my swirling!