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So the mountain bike I got when I was 12 was getting a bit old, and the bloody tier kept going flat, so I decided to get a new one. My boyfriend is a lot more into sport than I am and has been mountain biking with his dad for years, so he was able to point me in the right direction. My budget was pretty limited but I was looking for something like my old bike which would last the next 10 years, ok 20 years I am that old. So started the hours of looking for the ones with the cool colours….then realising I had to actually look at the spec’s for them.

I got some great advice from the guy in Tiso’s who said it would be a good idea to buy one of the new 29″ wheel bikes, as Trek, one of the biggest manufacturer’s of mountain bikes, would be starting to make most of its bikes with this new wheel size. So that helped me narrow my search a bit.

In the end I went for a 29″ wheel frame with hydraulic brakes (though god knows how you service them), and after test riding a few I got the Specialized Hardrock.


After having the bike for a few weeks now Im really happy with it. Its great on the road, and goes up kerbs no problem, and its also great on the dirt tracks I’ve had it on. Its really easy to get going and gets a good pop off jumps. The saddle is brilliant as I don’t get a sore bum! Its also lightweight enough for my to carry up 2 flights of stairs every time I go out! and yes, the bell is the best part.