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La Plagne 2011 Holiday

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I went on holiday with my boyfriend Euan, my sister Louise and my mate Kirsty to La Plagne in France about a week ago. We went this time of year last year, mainly because its the only week Euan has off from Uni and saves him missing anything. The snow last year was a bit thin in patches but pretty good,  but this year it was very thin all over! I don’t think that part of the French Alps has had any new snow in a while! There was a lot of built up snow at the sides and on roofs but it was rock hard. The runs were solid and being a snowboarder this was not fun! Sore bum and hands and knees and sholders and arms, oh and every muscle in my body basically. Can’t say it was the most fun i’ve ever had.

Good Points.

  1. The friendly French!!! Well the ones off the slopes anyway.
  2. The food. Just tasty!
  3. The sun, it was pretty bright and different from home.
  4. It was a week off work 🙂

Bad Points.

  1. By far the worst…. the bed in our room! Solid!
  2. The lack of fresh, soft snow.
  3. The walk to the slopes (1800 apartments not so good).