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A while ago, as in years, I made a quick html site for a mate of a mate. Turns out it was the most updated site I’ve ever made. The site is for some DJ’s in Glasgow who have gigs every month and wanted to post up the event details and posters. As much as I didn’t mind doing this, if I was away for the weekend then the new event didn’t get posted for like 5 days. So the solution a CMS (Content Management System).

I’ve only really used two content management systems, Joomla and WordPress. The main difference being the modules/widgets. I find Joomla much easier to add side bars, content bottoms, content tops and rotating headers. Though WordPress is easier to show someone how to update their news page if that is the main purpose of the site. So for this DJ site I choose WordPress.

I basically looked for a shell template with roughly the layout I was looking for and added in bits of my code from the HTML site they currently had. With a bit of plugin searching and some swearing the site began to look something similar to what they had before, but with a bit of a lift obviously. The tricky bit was the Events page. This was the WordPress Post page but I needed it to have forthcoming events, not blog post on it. Now that took a hell of a lot more swearing and Googling to figure that out but I got there in the end.

So from HTML to WordPress in like 40 hours, check out the result –