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How To Install Joomla! CMS

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When I first started looking into joomla! I was trying to see how easy it was to install and use. There is a lot of help on the joomla! forum for new users with trouble installing but I found it difficult to find out any really basic stuff. Everything i read involved editing files and it all seemed a bit complicated, then I found a book in the library which made it all much clearer. All you have to do is download the latest joomla! version then upload it to your website using an FTP program like FileZilla. When you go to your website address the installation file will run automatically. Just follow the instructions and you are set. Remember to setup a database before going to your website address. So easy, instead of installing the files and connecting the database manually, which is a bit fiddly.

So in 4 easy steps –

1 – Go to and download the latest version

2 – Un-zip the file then upload all the files to your website

3 – Follow instructions from your hosting company on how to set up a database

4 – Go to your site like normal and follow the easy installation instructions.

Thats it!