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Gamefest 2011

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So i’ll admit i’m not the biggest gamer in the world but my boyfriend Euan is so we went down to Gamefest in Birmingham to check out the latest games coming out. It was held in the NEC which is mentally big, and has crap road signs, but we got there. As you walk in the door I can only describe the scene as the biggest amount of geeks you have ever seen squashed into a room at once. I think the guy girl ratio was about 10 to 1, and half the girls were actually mums being nice.

The room was divided into areas, Xbox, Playstation etc and then the huge games had there own stalls. The first place we went was MW3, and after queuing for about an hour and a half (which wasn’t bad!) we got into play it. I say we, I stood and watched, but it was still pretty cool. Once that game was played we just wondered about the rest of the afternoon and had some fun.

Overall my favourite game was the new F1. Mainly because you got to sit in a racing chair with pedals to play it, but the graphics were amazing. A close second was the new Mario Kart for the DS. Really good fun.