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Football Players Go Down

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Ok so im not the biggest football fan in the world but i do like watching Champions League, Europa League and the odd cup games when they are on. I’ll put it out there now, yes im a Manchester United fan. My uncle taught me the Andy Cole chant when i was younger and its carried on from there, so i tend to watch either Premier League games or Europe games.

As i said i dont watch football week end week out, but when i do there is one thing that stands out and annoys the shit out of me. When players go down so easily! Ok so i know that some tackles are miss timed and can be very dangerous to players but these days it seems like players are just taking the piss. The slightest touch and their down rolling about the ground. Personally i think it takes so much away from the sport as the play has to stop every couple of minutes and if someone is really hurt, no one really thinks they are.

What happened to the old days of just getting on with it and providing a good game at the same time instead of rolling around the ground until the play is stopped then getting magically back to their feet. Why cant the referees just say enough is enough and stop stopping play and get it out of the game.

Another option is to bring in the video referee just like rugby, who can intervene after seeing the replays, and give a little message to the referee saying he’s a diving bastard, book him. With this option hopefully player would stop taking the piss and actually play football.