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F1 down to the wire

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I saw this drivers line up somewhere and had to share…

1. Lewis (no pressure) Hamilton
2. Sebastien (I ain’t movin over for noone) Vettel
3. Mark (Korea will be with me for the rest of my life) Webber
4. Fernando (I’m faster than you) Alonso
5. Jenson (The car was fine in practice) Button
6. Nico (I love beating Michael) Rosberg
7. Robert (Hello, Ferrari, Hello) Kubica
8. Felipe (Rob, what do I do) Massa
9. Rubens (blah blah blah) Barrichello
10.Michael (I’m enjoying it) Schumacher

Who will win the drivers title then! Im strugling to call it. Will Vettel let Webber through if he is in front in the last lap with Alonso in third??? Will Webber ram Alonso is Vettel is out front with Alonso second to let Vettel win the title…. who knows!

I really really hope Webber does it this weekend though.