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Bafta Winning Movie’s

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Bafta logoI regularly go to the cinema and watched this years Baftas with my own favourite in mind. Most of the films and actors who won a Bafta a agreed with, but there were some exceptions.

The Kings Speach is brilliant and Colin Firth and Helena Bonham Carter both deserve their awards. If i could I would give Geoffrey Rush a best supporting actor but he had really good competition in Christian Bale for his role in The Fighter, of which he deserved his award. The Kings Speach really is one of the best films I have seen in a while. The performances are brilliant, they make you laugh and cry, and keep your eyes glued to the screen for 111 minutes. It also gives some insight into a bit of history I myself didn’t know and kinda ashamed that I didn’t lol.

As for winning the Best Film award i’m not so sure about. I have seen all the nominated films, The Kings Speach, Black Swan, Inception, The Social Network and True Grit. Out of all of them I would buy The Kings Speach and Inception on dvd, so thats a good thing. The Black Swan made me think after it – wack job, and as much as it was an outstanding performance from the cast, espesially Natelie Portman, I wouldn’t watch it again. The Social Network just made me hate all the cast for being ass holes to each other, well maybe not the Andrew Garfield who was playing Eduardo Saverin, because he got screwed. As for True Grit it had nice scenery in the movie, em, yeh thats about it. Can’t say i’ll be watching it again. I was disapointed that The Fighter didn’t get nominated because i would put it between The Kings Speach, Inception and The Fighter.