About Me

I am a front-end web developer from Glasgow. I likes coding websites, not the biggest fan of designing them.

SomervilleHello, my name is Mary Somerville and I design and code websites. I’m not the biggest fan of making thinks up in Photoshop, so for the last few years I have been working as a front end developer, but I do love drawing. You can view some of my work on my Portfolio site.

I learnt HTML while I was studying Multimedia Technology at Glasgow Caledonian University, and went on to learn how HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP work together to make websites.

In my role as a front end developer, I primarily used just HTML,CSS and JavaScript to bring concepts to life, but having worked in an environment with two top class developers my enthusiasm and knowledge for using server side technologies has grown. I have learned how to incorporate PHP coupled with MySQL into my HTML knowledge to produce fully functioning custom websites.

Using this understanding of PHP I have been able to implement complex development projects using Joomla as a core and create custom modules, components and layouts to produce the best website for the client.

Recently I have been working on improving my PHP skills with some help from a ninja (well that is what the book says, and so far its right) and my knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3. Being able to easily view and read sites on mobiles and tablets today is really important and I am passionate about learning how to achieve this, as I want to be able to create brilliant websites with responsive designs.

Work History

I have worked on some brilliant projects and been involved in a lot of different industries during my time as a web developer.

I am currently working as a developer for Everyone.

Personal Life

After work I like going to the cinema, I well and truly abuse my Cineworld Unlimited card by going to see at least one new film a week. Some of my favourite films include Star Wars (who doesn’t), Wall-e, Sunshine Cleaning and all of the Harry Potter movie’s.

I also like sports, love watching most sports, with the odd exception…cricket…and I also enjoy doing a lot of sports. I go swimming most mornings before work which wakes you up! Spending most of the week indoors in front of a computer the last place I want to be at the weekend is indoors so I try to be out and about as much as a can. In the summer I like to go mountain biking or walking and in the winter I try to head up to Glencoe or Nevis Range as much as possible and have some fun on my board in the snow!

My boyfriend of 10 years (ooft I’m getting old) recently moved to Reykjavik, Iceland for basically his dream job while I stayed in Scotland for mine. We both love what we do and who we work for, so it’s a difficult situation but on the plus sides we are gathering a lot of air miles for holidays!