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Aberlour, and its sunny!

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So we have been going up north to Aberlour for the same dates for the last three years and its nearly always the same. Bit cold with showers and if the sun comes out the wind chills you to death anyway. But not this year! It was actually warm, and sunny and it didn’t rain once.

We only go up for three night but one of the best things about up there is you get terrible mobile signal, which means its basically impossible to do work! No emails, texts and definitely no mobile internet. Its brilliant. Three days of silence.

This year we brought some bikes up with us to go on the mountain bike trails up there. The Speyside Way goes right along Aberlour, so is great for cycling along anyway but we wanted to see what the trails were like. We headed up to Ben Aigan, to the Moray Monster Trails, which we drove up to as its about 6 miles from Aberlour.

Ben Aigan Ben Aigen Ben Aigen

We spend about 4 hours going round the trails. You start out on forestry roads then you can either go on the black run, orange run or carry on up to the longer red run. We carried on up and did the red run, which took about 2 hours. We weren’t going particularly fast and most of it felt up hill! There are some good bits on it though but it is pretty uneven. We didn’t see another cyclist while we were up there so we didn’t have to worry about holding anyone up. I should say that it took us about 1 hours to get to the start of the red run. The car park is at the bottom of the forestry road!

We then did both the Orange and Black runs down. The Orange run was definitely a much more advanced run than the red, and was all down hill, unlike the red run. Its about a 5 minute, then you follow the forestry road back to the car park which takes about 20 minutes if your going slow. You can then go back up and do the Black run which is more advanced again.

Ben Aigan 20130613_141238 We had a really good day here. If I was going back again and just wanted to do the downhill side of it I would just do the Orange and Black runs, as the Red one takes a lot out of you. The only complaint I would have is the distance to get back round to the top of the Orange/Black runs.