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A trip round Scotland for my 30th

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I’ve always wanted to hire a VW camper van so for my 30th birthday that’s what I did. We hired at 4 berth camper van from RockinVans and headed north towards Inverness. Having lived in Scotland most of my life, I’ve been to a lot of it but very rarely have I been above Inverness. We decided to do the newly advertised NC500 route which is 500 miles of the very north of Scotland.

It literally was some of the most amazing scenery I’ve seen. Living down in Glasgow you really forget how beautiful the mountains and coast of Scotland are. We headed north east first from Inverness to John O’ Groats. The east coast is really flat with straight roads and roughed coast line. You can travel up the east coast very easily in one day right up to John O’ Groats, then across to Dunnet Bay. We stayed in a campsite and where we could hook up to electricity and sat making our dinner for the first night. It was great fun, with the roof popped up you can stand up easily and there is a sink and gas hob in the van. It was just like camping but with out the pain in the ass tent poles!

The next day we headed along the north coast which is a single track road most of the way. It was great fun to be that remote. To have no mobile signal what so ever, just a single track road with a view. Some of that single track road is crazy! We got really good at reversing a van. The more west we headed the bigger the mountains get inland.

The rest of the journey takes 2-3 days depending on how fast you want to do it. From Dunnet to Durness, Grinyard Bay then back to Inverness. We took 3 days. The west coast is amazing. So much to look at! I really could just stay up there all the time. Not too sure how many website’s I would be able to build considering there isn’t even mobile signal but I would still give it a go.

The roads that go down the west coast of Scotland are beautiful. The shallow coast makes the water turquoise with loads of sandy beaches. We stopped at lot to just look out over the water. There is also so many good places to eat on the road. From fresh seafood to home made pies. It really was a great trip and I’m glad I did it for my 30th.

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