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New year in Reykjavik Iceland

By Mary Somerville on

Having spent Christmas in Scotland, we decided to go see what a New Year was like in Reykjavik. My boyfriend Euan had told me how crazy Icelander’s go at new year over fireworks but I did not really expect it to be so crazy. It was one of the most amazing sites I’ve seen. We …

How I code responsive

By Mary Somerville on

We have this discussion a lot at work. Min width or max width, or a bit of both. Its a 50/50 split and really its just up to the developer and what they prefer. Personally I like min-width. I prefer to code a site for mobile and add min-width media queries at breakpoints for devices, …

Coding css triangles

By Mary Somerville on

When Im coding a website there is usually at least 1 triangle in the design. From drop down arrows on menus/select boxes to list item styles, and using background images is fine, but if you need to changes them then it can be a little time consuming. So I have started doing them with CSS …

New job and lots to learn

By Mary Somerville on

So in October of last year I started a new job working for a design agency in Glasgow. It is quite different from any other job I have been in before. I am one of 5 developers while there is 2 designers, so this is the biggest company I have worked for. My job is …

Looking for a new job

By Mary Somerville on

So the company I was working for, Maestro Sports, didn’t do as well as they were hoping in their first full year of business. Personally I think that was due to some poor management decicions on what it was they were selling. If you are selling a product then pick a name, price, and start …

Updating Joomla 1.7 to 2.5

By Mary Somerville on

Yeh, I really should have updated a 1.7 site by now but it comes down to getting the time, and I have the time now as I move sites onto a new server. So how did I update. I started by doing the obvious, Googling it, and then read a few answers to see what …


Eminem at Glasgow Summer Sessions

By Mary Somerville on

Yeah I like Eminem. He is one of very few artists I will listen to when im happy/sad/going out/staying in any time and his music always makes me feel better. The Glasgow Summer Sessions weren’t exactly a resounding success, mainly due to the amount of “out their face” teenies on the Saturday, but music wise …

Making Help Video’s and showing them

By Mary Somerville on

At work we have been developing an online application for managing football clubs. It is a big system which needed good documentation to help users get started wth it. Along with documentation I started making help video’s for users to watch. I always find it easier to explain features when showing it to someone, and …

Support Ticket System

PHP Support Ticket System

By Mary Somerville on

Since starting out as a web developer I have worked with a number of design agencies and am currently working for a Glasgow based agency who decided to develop their own web application. Since December I have been part of a team working on a web based football management application called the Maestro Sports System. …


New Bike

By Mary Somerville on

So the mountain bike I got when I was 12 was getting a bit old, and the bloody tier kept going flat, so I decided to get a new one. My boyfriend is a lot more into sport than I am and has been mountain biking with his dad for years, so he was able …