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How I code responsive

By Mary Somerville on

We have this discussion a lot at work. Min width or max width, or a bit of both. Its a 50/50 split and really its just up to the developer and what they prefer. Personally I like min-width. I prefer to code a site for mobile and add min-width media queries at breakpoints for devices, …

Coding css triangles

By Mary Somerville on

When Im coding a website there is usually at least 1 triangle in the design. From drop down arrows on menus/select boxes to list item styles, and using background images is fine, but if you need to changes them then it can be a little time consuming. So I have started doing them with CSS …

Looking for a new job

By Mary Somerville on

So the company I was working for, Maestro Sports, didn’t do as well as they were hoping in their first full year of business. Personally I think that was due to some poor management decicions on what it was they were selling. If you are selling a product then pick a name, price, and start …

Updating Joomla 1.7 to 2.5

By Mary Somerville on

Yeh, I really should have updated a 1.7 site by now but it comes down to getting the time, and I have the time now as I move sites onto a new server. So how did I update. I started by doing the obvious, Googling it, and then read a few answers to see what …


Eminem at Glasgow Summer Sessions

By Mary Somerville on

Yeah I like Eminem. He is one of very few artists I will listen to when im happy/sad/going out/staying in any time and his music always makes me feel better. The Glasgow Summer Sessions weren’t exactly a resounding success, mainly due to the amount of “out their face” teenies on the Saturday, but music wise …

Making Help Video’s and showing them

By Mary Somerville on

At work we have been developing an online application for managing football clubs. It is a big system which needed good documentation to help users get started wth it. Along with documentation I started making help video’s for users to watch. I always find it easier to explain features when showing it to someone, and …

Support Ticket System

PHP Support Ticket System

By Mary Somerville on

Since starting out as a web developer I have worked with a number of design agencies and am currently working for a Glasgow based agency who decided to develop their own web application. Since December I have been part of a team working on a web based football management application called the Maestro Sports System. …


New Bike

By Mary Somerville on

So the mountain bike I got when I was 12 was getting a bit old, and the bloody tier kept going flat, so I decided to get a new one. My boyfriend is a lot more into sport than I am and has been mountain biking with his dad for years, so he was able …

Ben Aigan

Aberlour, and its sunny!

By Mary Somerville on

So we have been going up north to Aberlour for the same dates for the last three years and its nearly always the same. Bit cold with showers and if the sun comes out the wind chills you to death anyway. But not this year! It was actually warm, and sunny and it didn’t rain …

New cooker muffins

New Cooker! Yeh its the little things

By Mary Somerville on

So getting a new cooker usually isn’t that exciting but since i’ve been using a piece of crap that just burns everything for 4 years this was a pretty big day! We decided it was time to get a new cooker when closing it with at a certain angle while bashing it with your hip …